multi. is a community centered curatorial project experimenting in events, publications, fairs, and various art interventions. multi. is a collaborative effort between three honolulu raised artists: ayaka takao, kera rasavanh, and caleb sugai (dipshit mag). 
launched in october of 2023, the multi reading room served as a library, classroom, event space, and social third place for its one month duration at kaiao space. here, the public of honolulu was indoctrinated in takao, rasavanh, and sugai’s shared love of printed matter. the project was entirely self-funded as an act of resistance, relying heavily on accessible materials and the generosity of our community members.
unexpectedly, this was a first encounter for zines + art books for many, serving as a catalyst for creation of new works and ideas.  

multi. is a collaborative project by nature, belonging to everyone that nutures the health of our precious honolulu art community.
multi. reading room 2023 a public art book and zine library pop-up
multi contributors:  leanndra atilano, cole turner, ella turner, dj goya girl, shakatalk / doug, lucie, micah mcdermott, max navid-oster

website design: daniel kam

b&w photos by:
cole turner